About Rez Animal Resources & Education

Helping to save lives.Rez Animal Resources & Education is a nonprofit organization serving animals on Indian reservations in southwest Washington state.


A rez dog is a mixed breed dog roaming loose (usually stray) on an Indian reservation. Often they have mange, are not fixed and run in packs.


Life on the rez is not good for most dogs and cats. There is little to no animal control, most animals are not fixed and there are numerous stray animals left to fend for themselves. The result is an exploding pet population with many dogs and cats infected with fleas and other parasites.


This was the impetus to start Rez Animal Resources & Education. To raise the level of basic animal care and reduce the number of stray animals in these tribal communities.

Number of dogs and cats spayed/neutered on Indian reservations in SW Washington since 2005 by Rez Animal Resources & Education. Last updated October 2019.